A Station Stormed By Bees…

The Modern Records Centre holds a full set of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants and National Union of Railwaymen journal the Railway Review, from its first issue on 16 July 1880 to its last (as the renamed Transport Review) in 1990…

The early editions of the publication are in a fragile condition and we are in the process of digitising the first few volumes to help preserve them.

the railway review

In amongst articles on railway working conditions and union organisation, the Railway Review ran some more unexpected stories. A taster of these ‘tales of the unexpected’ can be seen below:

A Station Stormed by bees, 14 August 1885


This comical story warns us against the perils of incorrectly lifting a bee hive.

To see more, please visit our digital showcase on The National Union of Railwaymen, 1913-2013

image: Bee On Bud/Wi Bing Tan/Creative Commons

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