A Sneak Peak of Leamington’s Alternative Magazines: The South Leamington Leopard

Leamington has a rich history of alternative and anarchist publications. Amongst these are The South Leamington Leopard and Leamington’s Love Letters…

This copy of The South Leamington Leopard is dated Dec, 1980. It is the only issue of the magazine in the Modern Record Centre’s archives. It includes content such as: photo-story on family planning; articles on gender issues, housing, nuclear disarmament; fiction, poems and cartoons.

The South Leamington Leopard – the tooth and the whole tooth and nothing but bit now!


‘The Leopard can reflect all the fun, conflict, dreams and indignation of south town but has no common editorial policy to indicate what direction it may take. The result is all in your hands. No edit.’

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The Leopard has such a variety of topics that you often find a dramatic content change across spreads. Here there is a comical cartoon about time travel placed opposite an article challenging feminism:

feminism and professor soak
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These publications often give us a glimpse into Leamington’s past; what the music shops were, the local venues and the voices of Leamington’s inhabitants.

the rainbow

If you would like to read more of this magazine, come into the MRC and request this item: 758/1/1/50

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