The Magic of the MRC

When I first started working at the MRC, I was told of some of the unexpected treasures that it held. Amongst these is a signed photograph of Harry Houdini, dated 4/4/13. This was the first item that I came across which massively impacted on how I viewed archives…

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Coventry Alive! with Southam College

We recently had our first school visit for our new ‘Coventry Alive!’ session. A group of fourteen year 9 pupils from Southam College came to spend the afternoon learning more about using archives…

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Cycling Rambles

One of the most striking things about working with archives is how personal some of the pieces are. The time, detail and effort that have been put into creating them are breath-taking. Sometimes, it almost makes you abashed to be reading something so personal or holding something that would have been so precious to someone. It makes the past an intimate experience, creating emotional connections through time…

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