Welcome to the MRC blog

Welcome to the Modern Records Centre blog.  We’re going to be posting all sorts of useful and interesting things about the Centre – its collections and its work so I hope this will become a regular place to drop in and catch up….

The MRC is best known for its industrial relations archives which extend to well over 14kms. We have also built up extensive and important collections for social welfare, reform, protest movements and campaigning organisations in the twentieth century.  The Centre supports a great deal of research and academic work nationally and internationally as well as providing many resources online for use by Warwick students and others.

We hope to use this blog to reveal some of our more unusual and unexpected items, to let regular users know of recent collections we’ve taken in and to promote our ever increasing digital resources and exhibitions.  We will be posting news about our project to digitise trade union membership records for genealogists, our work with local schools and A level students and our project for the 50th anniversary of the University in 2015.

Please add your thoughts and comments on these posts and we look forward to developing this blog over the coming months.

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