A Sneak Peak of Leamington’s Alternative Magazines: Love Letters

Leamington has a rich history of alternative and anarchist publications. Amongst these are The South Leamington Leopard and Leamington’s Love Letters…

love letters cover
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This magazine claims to hold a range of content: ‘fashion + music + natural history + netball + jokes + poetry + football + lies + rude pictures +reviews + free pound notes + insults + intriguing photographs +ancient monuments + spelling mispakes + humour +full colour reproductions of old masters + nice free gifts + X’. Throughout the magazine, Leamington Love Letter’s maintains its light hearted tone and good humour. The issues featured here are dated from 1980-1981.

whizzies of wordom poetry
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Each issue contains unique creative features, including drawings, poetry, stories and cartoons.

shooting of rr
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poetry corner
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And where would a magazine be without its puzzle page…

jimmy's puzzle page
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If you would like to read more of this magazine, come into the MRC and request 758/1/1/25

coming next issue
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